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Telecoms have a big opportunity to harness the power of their growing volume, variety, and velocity of data in pursuit of new sources of revenue. Telecoms understand that they have yet to tap the value of the data that they own and are looking to harness the power of their data to support their core business and identify new business models and new sources of revenues.

  1. Differentiation among competitors

Are your customers’ online experience better than that of your competitors’?

With Adobe analytics tool, we can help analyse the customers behavior such as content consumption, interaction, and conversion on the site. Also, with the comparison tool, we can compare against competitors’ sites performance and upon the result we can recommend the optimization.

  1. Increasing customer lifetime value
    1. Can you describe the revenue impact smartphone data plans are having on your revenues for existing customers?
    2. How are you monitoring and measuring the cross effects between online and offline channels in driving ARPU?
    3. What are your price breakpoints by customer segments?
  • Personalization of services is a way to improve life time customer value, allowing customers to set limits, accept 3rd party promotions, buy add-ons or turbo boosts for short periods, etc. Moreover, with profiling and targeting with particular products or services, customers’ loyalty can be maintained.
  1. Moving more offline support and services to online
  • Are you driving customers to use self-service or online support vs. call centers? How is that being accomplished?
  • Most telecoms are freeing up their support staff to offer more specialized support and proactively shifting services and support to online channels which can lead to low cost. We will help to validate that if shifting to online channels performs well and has the expected effect in the business improvement.
  1. Explosion of useful data
  2. How are you dealing with increasing volume and variety of data?
  3. How long does it take for you to build customer profile?
  4. How far are you from using your digital marketing data as an input into your business scenario planning?

Telecoms worldwide are increasingly moving away from a channel-centric view to a customer-centric view. Therefore, understanding customers plays the main role in that industry. To achieve that goal, we have capability to collect and analyze customer data at a scale and provide the related strategy for business improvement.

attributedataTelecommunication Industry

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