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In this digital age, for media or entertainment industry, the acceleration is being driven by the rapidly growing amount of content available via the Internet and the proliferation of devices such as tablets and smartphones offering high quality viewing experiences. Therefore, they need to move beyond measuring the number of viewers and audience share in a particular time slot. They must capture the relevance and significance of changing viewing habits and understand advertising effectiveness.

Cross-platform engagement with rich media content & advertising

How do you define the ROI for various monetization drivers (e.g. media buy, audience segmentation)?
The key is to understand consumption and user behavior on the site from different drivers. Therefore, we help analyze the data across media drivers to understand the channels interplay and their site performance.

Extending reach and frequency

Are you selling by audience segment today?
In the digital age, advertisers want to buy audiences. We can help increase with ad targeting by demographic, platform, device or opt-in user profile based data with adobe test and target tool.

Tracking, conducting analysis and reporting on all digital data

Are offline and online data rolled up into consolidated reporting?
We can provide tracking strategy, implementation and with adobe analytics or google analytics we help consolidate the report for online data such as revenue, customer’s data together with optimization solutions based on our analysis.

Report ROI to advertisers

Are you able to make strong recommendations for how advertisers can take more advantage of their investments in advertising with your properties?
We can provide measurement and reporting across all channels and data, creating comprehensive ROI analysis on campaigns so that the advertiser side can improve on the performance and retain the relationship.

attributedataMedia/Entertainment Industry

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