While GDPR may feel a little like red tape, the new laws are designed to help businesses build trust with customers and provide a better user experience. In collaboration with ObservePoint, we at Attribute Data have set up a simple assessment test for you to see how GDPR ready your organization might be. Fill out the form to get started!

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Data Management & Clarity

Do you have a clear overview of the data your organization is collecting?

Data Minimization

What describes the current status of the data and technology you're handling? Are the tags deployed really essential for your business?

Right to Access, Erasure and Portability

Should there be a data breach, is your organization able to notify the affected EU citizen and regulator within 72 hours? Is your organization able to erase a consumer's data, or provide his/her data to him/her, upon request with ease?


In your marketing mediums, is the opt-in/opt-out option to be contacted presented in a clear and concise manner that your consumers can understand? Is the consent obtained in a fair manner (e.g: pre-ticked boxes that use customer inaction to assume consent aren’t valid under GDPR)?


Are the vendors your organization working with GDPR compliant? For example, if your organization are buying leads list with EU contacts, are the people in the list genuinely opt-in of their free will? When it comes to data transfer, does your vendor transfer them within EU's approved list? Are they able to port out the data to another company, if requested by a EU individual?

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