Joanna Teo

Joanna is both a strategist and a warrior when it comes to digital analytics. Having witnessed the immense growth opportunities that data and analytics can bring to businesses, she founded Attribute Data to help clients plot their ways to exponential growth and brave market uncertainties.

With her sights set on optimising business performance, Joanna is passionate about the clever deployment of digital analytics to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Through reliable data-driven insights, she is certain that businesses can reap rewards. Rewards that can even inspire their next growth spurts!

A T-shaped digital marketer and a thought leader in the measurement space, Joanna’s extensive portfolio includes clients from FMCG, High Tech, Travel, Government and Financial Institutions. She’s always on the hunt for digital optimisations and business transformations, and finds great satisfaction in building a strong team of analytics experts. Her team of warriors, so to speak.
Joanna also represented Digital Analytics Association as a board member in the International Conference on Online Media Measurement Programme, steering measurement excellence across emerging markets.

Joanna Teo

Managing Consultant

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