Tracking First is a data governance and data quality assurance company. They focus on eliminating gaps in team communication that lead to inaccurate campaign reporting, by automating the analytics behind online marketing campaigns.

Instead of juggling an array of legacy tools and spreadsheets to create and prepare new codes, Tracking First automatically generates and classifies new codes, embeds them in landing page links, and verifies that the links are all tracking correctly. By automatically preparing and double checking every link before launch, it guarantees that the next campaign report pulled into your Analytics tool will show the right data, right when you need it.

Analytics tools can’t show data that was never captured in the first place.

Tracking Code Creation

Tracking First provides a single repository for all of your company codes that anyone can access and add to from any device anywhere in the world. It is cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting codes.

Automatic Classification

Tracking First is the only tool to provide automation for classifications that is derived from your existing SAINT tables. The days of uploading Excel-based spreadsheets manually are finally over!

Technical Verification

Verification processes are in place ensure that your links are formed correctly, and that the landing pages are set to truly capture the codes you have created and classified. If there’s something wrong that needs fixing, Tracking First will will send out warnings before the campaign is launched

Organisation Management

Tracking First lets you set up patterns with strict rules regarding formatting and classification, and administer them to specific user groups in your organization. This way you can delegate the responsibility of creating codes across the organization, without compromising on the integrity of your reports.

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