Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for traffic measurement,  search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. It is the most widely used web analytics services on the Internet.

Google Analytics is offered also in two additional versions: the subscription based Google Analytics 360, previously Google Analytics Premium, targeted at enterprise users, as well as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, an SDK that allows gathering usage data from mobile applications.

Features Provided

Data Collection & Management

Data collection and management with Google Analytics provides a single, comprehensive view of the customer that can be customized to your needs and shared across the organization.

Analysis, Visualization, and Reporting

Reports can be segmented and filtered to reflect the needs of your business. Access an array of reporting and analysis tools to understand your customers from acquisition to purchase.

Data Activation

Make smarter marketing decisions. Google Analytics allows you to seamlessly activate your data to improve marketing campaigns and experiment with new channels and content.

Evaluate the full customer journey and drive results with Google Analytics

Understand users on a whole new level

Easy track of customer’s journey by connecting customer behavior, channel performance, and much more across sites and apps in robust reports and dashboards. Connect online to offline so as to better understand user behavior across CRM, points of sale, call centers, devices, and the Internet of Things.

Drive marketing performance

Create remarketing lists using your Analytics data and see them automatically available in DoubleClick Bid Manager, AdWords, AdMob and other Google products. View and analyze Analytics advertising data (even view-thrus) to understand how customers behave on your sites and apps after they click.

Gain new insights around your data

Access to Google’s proprietary audience data and create audiences based on demographics and interests. Use the audiences as the basis for campaigns in accounts like AdWords and DoubleClick to surface users that are likely to convert, customers with high revenue potential, and other actionable insights.

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