Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization tool, delivered as a service, to CEOs and executives. The service is designed to provide direct, simplified, real time access to business data without any IT involvement.

With Domo, everyone knows more, works together better, and gets more done faster, as Domo’s parts deliver a virtuous cycle of business optimization and helps create a truly digitally-connected organization.

Pull from everywhere, integrate everything, connect everyone

Easily bring in data directly from any 3rd party source with 500+ data connectors. Track time-sensitive trends and see business performance unfold in real time as Domo automatically updates data. Cleanse and combine data from anywhere.

Work together, faster, better, stronger

Tell actionable data stories effortlessly with 300+ interactive charts and dashboards for mobile and desktop. Buzz, Domo’s chat tool, allows everyone to share and collaborate. Domo connects your people to break down work silos.

Run the business from your phone

Domo’s native app for iOS and Android gives you access to your data in real-time and the ability to analyse, annotate, comment and more on any device.

Take action with data

Domo weaves seven platform components together to increase alignment, accuracy, and effectiveness across systems. Get a more holistic view so you can take more informed actions.

Safe, secure, scalable

Domo delivers optimized web-scale enterprise-class security and administration for businesses of all sizes.

Your insights, your way

Domo Appstore connects with hundreds of plug-n-play dashboards and apps for every industry, department and business role. Develop your own solution with Domo’s SDK and Design Studio to meet your business needs.

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