Why the Universal Data Hub?

Today’s business leaders are faced with an increasingly fractured vendor landscape leading to operational inefficiency, siloed teams, loss of consumer trust and legal risk and, worst of all, a disjointed customer experience. In a market where companies largely differentiate and scale on customer experience, this makes data strategy a vital component of organizational health.

Download our Universal Data Hub white paper to learn:

  • The 4 Core Problems Created by the MarTech Explosion – The gaps between marketing technologies and the data they leverage, left unaddressed, spread throughout an organization
  • What is a Universal Data Hub? And What are Its Key Tenets? – What it is and what should you look for when considering a centralized platform for your digital marketing stack
  • Functionality Checklist for a Universal Approach to Data – The key functionalities you need to consider and evaluate when implementing a universal data strategy

The data foundation you establish will not only allow for more effective and lucrative marketing now, but is a critical step to delivering on the value of all data sources in the future that are exploding with the advent of mobile, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Companies that take a universal approach to data will immediately fill organizational and customer experience gaps, while laying the data infrastructure critical to competing in the future. Download our white paper today to get started.


Richard LimWhy the Universal Data Hub?